Finding A Civil Case At Howard County Court

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After three failed attempts at finding a civil case at Howard County Circuit Court about a business related and another two failed attempts at the Baltimore County District Court, I was finally able to attend a civil docket at Baltimore County District Court. The court is located at 900 Walker Avenue, Catonsville, 21228 in Maryland. Most of the cases, I saw when I came at 9: 00 a.m. on November 3rd, 2014 for the morning docket were contract or tort cases and Judge Marsha L. Russell was presiding it as well as encouraged five sets of group to talk Plaintiff Brian DMD Moore vs Defendant Wilbur Lucas, Plaintiff BQ Management, LLC vs Defendant Dameka Carroll, Plaintiff Mercy Medical Center vs. Defendant Melvin R. Cook, Plaintiff Apartment Services vs Bethea J Scherrie and Plaintiff Regional Management vs Defendant Cynthia M Crook. The case numbers for the five cases are 0004632-2014, 0020559-2014, 0020690-2014, 0020636-2014, and 0011960-2014. Another case was dismissed the Plaintiff Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Inc. vs Harvey Singleton and case number 0020400-2014. One other case was continued for another day Plaintiff Damian Banks vs George Sturton/ Alexis Brown.
Next, Judge Russell called case Plaintiff Keith Dixon, Anthony Dixon, Antonio Johnson vs Defendant Hameed Lagoke/ Tierra D. White. The case number was 0018314-2014, 0018315-2014, and 0017154-2014. The plaintiffs had their attorney Michael E.J. Merod asks to dismiss the charges against Tierra D White because she

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