Finding A Groundbreaking Statistic?

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The results in our study were not consistent enough to find a groundbreaking statistic. However, an interesting statistic, was that most respondents had a neutral opinion on the product, Fittea. Conversely, after seeing Khloe Kardashian posing with the product on Instagram, more people had a negative opinion about the product. Nevertheless, more people considered buying Fittea after seeing the photo. Whereas the second picture stirred a positive reaction by the survey takers. When seeing the second picture, more people had a positive opinion on the product, and were more willing to buy it.
These statistics could vindicate that, no matter if the celebrity endorsing the product is likeable or not, more people will be willing to consume the item just because a celebrity uses the product. Or it could mean that since the Kardashians are so popular, everyone has an emotional appeal to them, more so than most celebrities. Especially since most of the survey takers were unfamiliar with the product, they could base their entire emotional appeal on Khloe Kardashian instead of the product itself.
However, just showing an athletic body, side by side a supplement, people will be swayed to like the product more. Even if they saw a celebrity they dislike endorsing the product before. Although, a body was all that was portrayed in the second image, more people may be willing to buy the product because they may think their bodies would look like that after consuming the supplement.…

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