Finding A Hospital Or A Doctor

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The most important desire while experiencing a health problem is finding a hospital or a doctor who would most appropriate for providing a solution to our health condition. Choosing a doctor is a typical problem related to information asymmetry as the information available is inefficient to take a proper decision. E-health is changing the scenario of clinical practice and medical care. Sharing knowledge and information can encourage individuals and makes the care/patient team relation with a patient centred medicine. Initially, PatientsLikeMe (PLM) was introduced, a social network, enabling patients to compare, contrast and share different treatments and diagnoses with everyone facing the same condition. In (Narducci et al., 2015) they recommend hospitals and doctors that perfectly fits a particular patient profile by representing a semantic recommendation system. The system has come up with HealtNet (HN) which is a core component of social network in which this recommender system is embedded. HealthNet’s goal is similar to PLM in terms of finding similar patients, sharing knowledge as well as looking for the experience. In addition to these features, HN has implanted recommender system which finds out the similarity between patients, recommends hospitals and patients that best fit to their profile using the community data. The first similarity between different patients are calculated using algorithm and then generates list of hospitals and doctors according to their rank
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