Finding A Spot For Your Garden Essay

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You can have a beautiful and calming water garden no matter how much or how little space you have. All you need is a weekend and a little planning to have all the beauty, tranquility and calming atmosphere you desire at an affordable price. Your first decision will be to find a spot for your garden. Most people choose spots where there is a good amount of shade in the afternoon and early evening. You will need at least five hours of good sunlight a day for your water plants since most water plants need direct sunlight to survive and be healthy. It 's not recommended that you place your water garden directly under a shade tree with over-hanging branches that will drop leaves into your pond, unless you like cleaning leaves out of it everyday. It may help to remember while choosing a spot for your pond that water is heavy, about 8 pounds per gallon, the addition of plants and fish will make things pretty heavy so be sure the area you choose will hold everything plus the pump. Some people like a variety of plants, fish or accessories in their ponds, while others only want two or three things, this all depends on you and what pleases your senses. Don 't forget to place your garden close to an easily accessible water source since you will need to replace water levels and keep things fresh and stable everyday. Next, you will need to decide what type of enclosure you 're going to build. Do not use chemically treated wood since it contains arsenic and is not eco friendly.

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