Finding Decision Aids For Mode Of Delivery Among Women Essay

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Introduction The authors and contributors of the study are all from different universities holding similar positions including: A. Montgomery, a senior lecturer in primary care research; C. Emmett, the trail coordinator; T. Fahey, a professor of general practice; and C. Jones, held the research assistant position. Along with the above; I. Rickettes, professor of assistive systems and health computing; R. Patel, is a specialist registrar in obstetrics and gynecology; T. Peters, professor of primary care health services research; and lastly D. Murphy, a professor of obstetrics and representing on behalf of the Decision Aids for Mode of Next Delivery (DIAMOND) study group (Montgomery, et al. 2007). The authors clearly stated within the title the study is a randomized controlled trial and is both a qualitative and qualitative study. The purpose of the study was to find decision aids for mode of delivery among women that have previously had a caesarean section; which as well was stated in the research title (Montgomery, et al. 2007). The abstract was very informative and effective for explaining and giving an overview of the entire study, explaining design, objectives, setting, participants, interventions, measures, and results. The study was funded by the BUPA Foundation and the AAM was partially supported by a postdoctoral fellowship from the UK Department of Health National Coordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development (Montgomery, et al. 2007). There were no
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