Finding Fish Theme Essay

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When an individual is struggling in life nothing positive comes to mind. Asking for help is something not everyone is comfortable with so they only rely on themselves. Any stranger can approach a person that may seem like they are struggling and help without them expecting it. Some may expect family or friends to help when in need, yet they are the ones that don’t help. A significant theme in Finding Fish is the people who we least expect to help are the ones that actually help the most.
In the novel, Finding Fish, Antwone Fisher explains about his poor experience growing up as a foster child and trying to find success in life. Mizz Picket was Antwone and Dwight foster mother; the boys would experience physical and emotional abuse by her.
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Getting unexpected help in life can mean so much to an individual that doesn’t usually receive help when needed. “Bill Ward, the last of the almost two dozen social workers who have had a hand in my rearing by the state of Ohio” (pg.238). Bill Wards was Antwone social worker who advised him to get his life together before turning eighteen or else he would become homeless. Wards wanted the best for Antwone but because he didn’t see that Antwone would get mad when he recieved advice from people. When a person grows up alone they usually don’t take life serious and thinks it’s a joke. It takes one induvial to turn a person life around for…show more content…
Receiving anything from anyone can really change the person day and have them realize that they do matter. “I don’t know what make me happier, the feeling of tearing open a present that Merry thought enough of me to pick out and buy “(Pg.87). Antwone didn’t think he would receive any present from the Picketts family because he was treated poorly. When he received a present from Merry who was the only person that treated him nice, Antwone was surprised. The littlest things in life can mean so much for a person who doesn’t receive much care. The Unexpected present he received from Merry gave him a reason to remember his Christmas
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