Finding Food Stability

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The increased dependence on biofuels also deter from food production, as they are produced from crops, for example ethanol which is made from corn crop. In 2001, 7% of the US corn crop was devoted to biofuel production and since then that number has increased to 23% (Searchinger). Many argue then by switching to alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro we can reduce our dependence on biofuels and thus use more of our crop for food production efforts. It has also been argued that the issue with world hunger isn’t insufficient production of food but in fact insufficient distribution. Because of this many believe that reducing trade barriers between nations will help in equally distributing food to countries that lack it. Vegetarianism is also another alternative that many consider will help feed more mouths. Since 1980, Brazil's meat consumption has more than doubled to 197 pounds a year and China's intake of meat has quadrupled to 109 pounds per person. It requires a lot of time and energy to produce animals for consumption. It takes about 7 pounds of corn to produce 1 pound of beef, 6.5 pounds of corn to produce 1 pound of pork, and 2.6 pounds of corn to produce 1 pound of chicken. From an energy efficiency standpoint then it makes sense to phase out the “middleman” of meat as it means that more calories are received per person and not lost. Moreover, animal agriculture accounts for 50% of water use worldwide so by reducing this activity, more water can be
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