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Finding Forrester Assignment

1. Jamal refused to recite the poem and say he has not read it because; he did not want his friends to make fun of him.

2. Jamal turned to reading and writing after his father abandoned his family because, he knew that learning things to make him smarter will help him become a better person when older, so he would not do something like this which his father did.

3. When Jamal finds his backpack in the street he discovers comment in red ink in his journals. Forrester had read his journals and made editorial notes in them.

4. When Forrester says “constipated thinking” about Jamal’s writings he is criticizing his work, saying it is not clear.

5. Jamal takes up the challenge to
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9. Jamal and Forrester have both a teacher-student relationship and a friend-friend relationship. They have a teacher-student relationship in how Forrester helps Jamal become better at writing by correcting his work and helping it sound better. They have a friend-friend relationship when Forrester in the end admits that he gave Jamal permission to use his writings, so that Jamal would not be accused of plagiarism.

10. I think that both Jamal and Forrester are teachers to each other in the film. Jamal learns that he is a very smart guy and with some guidance from Forrester he can be a very intelligent writer. Forrester learns from Jamal that the past may have been upsetting and feeling full of blame, but you cannot let it affect today and he admires Forrester and respects him, and no one comes from a past that had no sadness. From being around each other they received a sense of respect and admiration at an intellectual level.

11. Forrest warns Jamal about bitterly disappointed teachers, like Robert Crawford, because some people like these teachers only see and believe what they think is right, and since Jamal came from where he did with a background like he has, there will be criticism and disbelief over his work, but Jamal is to stand by what he writes and feel proud over it.

12. Jamal takes Forrester to a stadium on his birthday because he wanted him to remind him of his
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