Finding Healing After Injustice in vThe Round House by Louise Erdrich

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In her novel The Round House, Louise Erdrich portrays this process from start to finish in the supporting character Linda Wishkob. Though it is fiction, The Round House combines elements of injustice and healing in the very real way; Erdrich does not always follow injustice with justice and justice with healing, rather, it is presented in a way that puts light on Linda Wishkob’s negative experiences while emphasizing proper healing in order to demonstrate the unfairness of reality and the strength of true family. The Round House puts a steady focus on the maltreatment and abuse of its characters, most of which can be traced back to a single event in the supporting character, Linda Wishkob’s life. To reveal this original incident, Linda sat down with the protagonist’s family to tell her story, and in part, the story of her brother. She began by disclosing when she faced this first injustice; it was just moments after she was born. Two minutes behind her twin brother, Linda came into the world deformed and nearly dead. She states, “ I then proceeded to die in earnest … going from a slightly pink to a dull gray-blue,” (Erdrich 115). Believing Linda to have cognitive disabilities, her mother said, “Let it die,” but a kind nurse choose to clear out the newborn’s mouth, enabling her to breath (115). Once fully alive, Linda’s biological parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lark, “refused to…

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