Finding Hope In A Hungry World Analysis

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This module was designed to speak about grand plans and simple solutions. We are surrounded by great needs, such as lack of pure water and food resources. Grand plans are needed, but it is essential to have simple solutions, so that people can understand. This lecture discusses what each article and lectures would be explaining throughout this module. Sheeran talks about ending hunger now. A now trite expression for speakers is KISS (Keep It Simple. Stupid). 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World Buffett opened this chapter by mentioning “One lesson we learned was that the maintenance and operation demands of mechanized farming aren’t always practical in this region.” In South Africa if equipment broke, they would have to finish with…show more content…
Lori designed, implemented, and secured sustainable funding for innovative programs that provide emotional, financial and practical support to families of children with cancer. Lori Butterworth opened this talk by mentioning that she volunteered at a children hospital for a 1000 hours. She realizes she couldn’t do it, for numerous reasons. She got the courage when her friends son had got admitted to the hospital with cancer. She threw a party for her friend, where she raised enough money for her to quit for job, and be with her son for the entire year. She learned you can handle anything as long as you don’t have to experience it alone. The doctors gave Juab a 5% chance of living, and he just graduated from high school! She has started 2 more non-profit organizations, since that point. The Boomerang Foundation and is passing on her own positive, life-affirming experiences while providing support and guidance to young people about living life on purpose. She broke down how inspiring it would be if the government sent out Thank You letter to everyone, while explaining how they spent your money. Throughout everything she encountered, she realized that Jacob mother was right when she stated “We can handle anything, if we don’t have to handle it
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