Finding Hope in Failure Essay

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It was a cold, dark morning when the phone rang. It was boisterously loud and the clock read six o'clock. The deafening noise jolted us again, and there was only one way to make it stop. Chris picked up the phone and in a tired, drowsy voice, answered, "Hello."

"Wake up call," I could hear Coach on the other end of the line. "Wake everyone else up in the room and the bus will leave at seven."

"Okay," and with that, Chris hung up the telephone. I could hear him bury his head back into his pillow to try and get just a few more minutes of sleep before the big day.

"C'mon, Chris, you get in the shower first," Taylor ordered from the other bed. "You're already up." Chris conceded and worked his way to the shower. Everyone in the
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It was a feeling that was associated with the fact that we had won uncountable medals at the last regatta, and it had been established across the southeast that McCallie was the team to beat this year. We had it set in our minds, though, that that would not happen. "Everyone head over to the trailer and start checking the boats," the coach finally broke the precedent of quietness. He then turned to our varsity coxswain. "Ashby, when you're over there, check on that new fin on the boat that I installed yesterday. Make sure that it will steer okay and learn how to use it before we put you all out on the water."

The team then herded over to the trailer, and the silence was broken. Some were chatting amongst themselves, some were stretching, and some were checking their seats in the boats for any quirks. We could see the opponents walking by and hear them mutter little phrases such as, "Uh-oh, there they are," or maybe, "Man, look at them, there is no way we can beat them!" The pride swelled within all of us as this happened more and more often throughout the day.

The tension eased as the day went on. It was only about nine o'clock, and the varsity race was not scheduled until three-twenty. Many of us hung around in the tents, at health foods, drank lots of water, listened to music, or whatever kept us busy.

As the time went on, Chris, Taylor, Anders, and I decided to go grab a bite to eat at the
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