Finding Information About The Haberman Star Teacher Prescreener

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Finding information about the Haberman Star Teacher Prescreener has been an interesting journey. Due to technical difficulties at the Haberman Educational Foundation securing a copy of the questionnaire took repeated phone calls and internet attempts. This, however, allowed me to develop a relationship with Delia Strafford, President & CEO of the Haberman Educational Foundation (HEF) and strong proponent of the Haberman Star Teacher Prescreener (HSTP). Working with Delia I was able to secure a demonstration copy of the HSTP to use. HSTP is an online questionnaire that is designed to look at a teacher’s core beliefs / dispositions. There are 50 questions that look at ten different dimensions as follows: Dimensions Assessed Persistence predicts the propensity to work with children who present learning and behavioral problems on a daily basis without giving up on them for the full 180 day work year. Organization and Planning refers to how and why star teachers plan as well as their ability to manage complex classroom organizations. Values student learning predicts the degree to which the responses reflect a willingness to make student learning the teacher 's highest priority. Theory to Practice predicts the respondent 's ability to see the practical implications of generalizations as well as the concepts reflected by specific practices. At-Risk Students predicts the likelihood that the respondent will be able to connect with and teach students of all backgrounds and levels.

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