Finding Nemo By Pixar Animation Studios

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Finding Nemo is produced by Pixar Animation Studios but was released by Disney. It tells a story of a clown fish named Nemo, who was very curious about a boat off in the distance, as he goes to see the strange object he is taken away from his father, Marlin. Marlin goes looking for his only son, since his wife and all other children were killed by a barracuda, when he meets a fish with short-term memory loss named Dory. They go on the adventure of finding Nemo, with the clue of an address. Along the way they meet many different fish, as well as some sea turtles. Meanwhile, Nemo has been taken to a fish tank in a dentist office, where all the fish are trying to escape the tank, since they can see right out the window to their old home, the…show more content…
This left Nemo with a bad fin, which added to his father’s distress, and obsessive need to keep him safe at all times. This teaches kids that parents are trying to protect their children, and that even if children do not understand their motives in the rules and boundaries set, that they should listen and do as they say. The unintended meaning of Finding Nemo is very complex, and there’s multiple hidden meanings. One of which is a good lesson, which is it is good to get out of your comfort zone and meet people who are different than you. When Marlin is forced out of his familiar home, he has to meet many different type of fish. He encounters a group of sharks. While he is frightened, Dory remains optimistic. Marlin has the opportunity to debunk all of the stereotypes he has believed throughout his life, for example, the idea that all sharks are mean, aggressive killers who enjoy killing innocent fish. He learns that in reality these sharks try their hardest to follow the idea that “fish are friends, not food”. He also encounters the sea turtle Crush, and his son Squirt. He is put very far out of his comfort zone here, being in a fast pace, “dangerous” situation. He also gets to witness a different type of parenting, an open and trustful one, that allows Squirt to push his boundaries and do things that Marlin would have never allowed Nemo to do, especially after the worst thing they were trying to prevent,
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