Finding Nemo Movie

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Late last week 13 year old Ulie Offey finished her extensive research from the past two years. She has been working out of her basement in Rye, New Hampshire to create a form of communication to speak with whales. She was successful in her attempts and as of Monday, has communicated with the first whale. Ulie came across this idea while watching a century old movie with her mom. The movie was titled Finding Nemo. She was inspired by Dory, a major character, who finds her way out of a difficult situation by speaking whale. Ulie said that when the movie was over, she thought to herself “Boy do I love whales! OH MY! Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could speak whale!?!” And the idea was formed. Ulie began her research by examining the brain of the…show more content…
Scientists have praised Ulie for her work. Dr. Aurel Euwerke, a neurologist at Rockingham County Hospital, is quoted as saying, “Amazing work! It’s marvelous that a 13 year old figured all this out!” Marine biologist in Rye, New Hampshire, Amuelmy Hessen, quotes, “I wish I would have thought of this!” Two years ago, Ulie adopted a whale from the Blue Ocean Society who was also the first whale she communicated with. The whale’s name was W.L. When she thought the necklace was done, she went on a whale watching trip. She saw her pet whale while she was wearing the necklace. She could hear the whale and the whale could hear her. She said to W.L., “Hi, I’m Ulie and you’re my pet whale, I adopted you!” The first words she heard from W.L. were, “Hello Ulie! I’m so glad you adopted me!” Ulie says when she first heard W.L. speak, she thought, and I quote, “OH MY! OH MY! OH MIGHTY MY! I HAVE CREATED THE FIRST EVER WHALE TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION!” Ulie Offey has shared her invention with the New Hampshire Marine Biology Institute for Ocean Life. They are expecting to be able to use this new technology to better understand whale
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