Finding Nemo: Walt Disney Animation

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Savannah Brister Tynieka Crymes ENG 100 10/05/2017 Finding Nemo Finding Nemo is a Walt Disney animation that was created for all ages. The animation begins with two clown fish, Marlin who is voiced by Albert Brooks and his wife Coral who is voiced by Elizabeth Perkins, who had just became new parents to four hundred eggs. This film is a comedy adventure based on Nemo voiced by Alexander Gould, who is one of Marlin and Corals kids. This family based film begins on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, then transfers to Sydney, Australia do to unfortunate events in the beginning. After Marlin lost his wife and almost all of their children to a fight with a Barracuda, he then loses his only son, Nemo. After Nemo ventures into the open sea,
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