Finding Of Fact # 2 : By Ignoring Howard's Performance Issues

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Finding of Fact #2: By ignoring Howard’s performance issues, it is creating job dissatisfaction for several engineers and surveyors. Employees are disgruntled because they resent how much Howard makes, the quality of his work, his tardiness and napping during the workday, and they do not trust the quality of Howard’s work. On a larger scale, this has created norms and assumptions that have influenced the organization’s effectiveness. Recommendation #2: When the organization ignored Howard’s behavior and allowed it to intensify over the course of 18 years, it affected other employees and their motivational levels. His supervisor, Frank Silverton, gave up trying to get him to work on time, and he settled for getting some good work done. By doing this, it created stress and job dissatisfaction for Dan and Mel, and Vince is displaying signs of Howard’s negative behaviors. Vince is young and right out of high school, so he is learning this behavior is acceptable. Dan and Mel jumped at the opportunity to work on other projects, so they could avoid working with Howard. Dan transferred to work for the manufacturing department, so he did not have to work with Howard in engineering. In addition, Mel has soured on the company over their lack of response to Howard’s incompetent behavior, and he thinks it was wrong that they moved the surveyors out of the plant. Once the pipeline project was over, Mel dreaded working with Howard again. Over time, this has created norms and
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