Finding Oneself

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Finding my muse, finding myself It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection ---Oscar Wilde When I was a small child, I was extremely shy. I had to be coaxed to raise my voice in the presence of others. The only time I felt confident was when I was by myself with a handful of crayons in my hand, bent over a piece of paper. While all children love to create art, for me art was more than a way to pass the time. It was a form of self-expression. When I was happy, I could fill the piece of paper with bright oranges and brilliant reds. When I was sad, I preferred solemn blues and purples. When I wanted to show someone I liked them, I drew them a picture. When something was troubling me, I would sort out my feelings in the world of images and colors. When I first embarked upon my artistic career, I gave no thought of being 'good' at art. Art was simply something I did for joy. But as I grew older and picked up paints and colored charcoals and pastels in lieu of crayons, I became more critical of myself as an artist. I was no longer satisfied with just producing art. I wanted to create art that moved other people. I began to take classes in art. I appreciated the structure that having assignments and thinking about art in a formal way brought to my process of creation. At first, it was difficult to accept criticism about something so personal. A part of me wanted me to be like a child and just be free. But my teacher told me that the formal
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