Finding Pricing On Safer Choices Prevention Program Essay

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All of this information about where to find pricing on the Safer Choices prevention program set can be found on the website Education, Training, and Research. The URL for this site is Once the site has opened up, there will be a search bar to type the words “Safer Choices.” From there, click on the search result that says “Safer Choices.” This will lead the individual trying to find the program materials to an abstract about what the prevention program is about and what it is used for. On the abstract, the word “Safer Choices” will be highlight in blue, and they will need to click on those words. After these steps have been taken, this will directly lead the person to the Safer Choices homepage. Once this has been completed, scroll down and there will be the word “pricing” highlighted in blue. After this is clicked on, there is all of the information and materials that is needed to teach this program effectively. Although the materials are a major aspect to providing a successful course, the program qualifications for providers should not be overlooked. According to Coyle, “teachers selected to implement the program should have knowledge of the content areas covered in the curriculum, be comfortable discussing the material, have experience teaching a skills-based program, and be interested in and committed to the goals of the program.” With that being said, teachers should be able to have some knowledge about the course they are teaching so they are

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