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Finding research related to emerging topics related to information technology (IT) can be a challenge. The more recently a book or article is the more likely it is to have current perspectives according to Leedy & Ormrod (2014). When performing a database search word phrases, keyword searches and specified parameters such as a precise time frame is essential as suggested by Leedy & Ormrod 2014). The field of information technology is broad and wide ranging with numerous sub-specialities in the field. Many emerging topics in IT examined using many resources are critical. Highlighting personal knowledge in network security, software implementation, integration of health information systems and laboratory information systems, together…show more content…
A prime wellspring keywords in the search engine is the way I explored the topics of exploration and interest in a thesis research on topics previously mentioned hacktivism and network security. Emphasizing a search on hacking and conceivable reasons why hacking and its consequences is a continued issue with repercussions that affect everyone, phrases were used. Clear catchphrases for this theme along with associated connections of security, law, and the internet is added to the keyword search. Network security or even hacking are extremely broad areas. Focusing on these topics are a good starting off point. Obtained this way will lead to an increased numbers of potential articles and information, which is why it is critical become familiar with appropriate keywords. As the search is undertaken for books, articles, Internet sites, on hacking or network security themes, it may be necessary to change phrases, add additional keywords and incorporate different databases. Modified with different areas in social themed, education, business, management not necessarily related to any topic in information technology may also present positive results. The more keywords and expressions incorporated with terms in social objectives, social discernment, and cyberbullying may likewise help center exploration of the issue. Scrutinizing and staying abreast of emerging IT topics requires a thorough
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