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Finding Self I realize that the whole universe is at my fingertips, as is my willingness to manifest what is needed in my reality. Every experience of life is God teaching me. As I look in this pure state of awareness, I feel this pure energy within my whole body. From the rhythm of my breathing, I feel a quiet state of attunement — one with God. My soul incarnated into a specific form on earth for a unique purpose. My journey is now and exists at this moment, whether I want to realize it or not. Knowing my life’s purpose and acting on it will give me direction and is a necessary step in achieving true happiness. To have this deeper experience requires the ability to have conscious awareness of Soul, or Higher Self.…show more content…
My life resembles the life of Pip in Great Expectations in various ways. Reminiscent of Pip, growing up I too wanted the “best” and wasn’t always fortunate enough to get everything that I wanted. I often fantasize about having a lot of money, being a successful commodity to society. Yearning for more than what I have, I set out on journeys. It can be a journey for money, for love, or for adventure. To achieve these goals I know it will take strong-will and determination on my part. Once I take on this belief and work at finding the opportunities that are contained within each situation, the experiences that follow this simple change of attitude are quite startling. “Dedicate yourselves today to the Lord…in order that He may bestow a blessing upon you today.”(Exodus 32:29) I know that with my strong faith in God, the sky’s the limit. In our "modern" society, most of us receive a dozen years or so of formal education. But, that is only intellectual knowledge. Our emotional and spiritual development is sadly ignored. We are a society of intellectual giants, emotional children, and spiritual infants. True knowledge or wisdom is not something we can acquire solely by using our minds and brains, learning it in an academic way. It can only be gained by experience. I understand that for spiritual growth to take place in my life, I must
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