Finding The Relationship Between The Law And Your School

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Discovering the Relationship between the Law and Your School

Ericka Calderon
Grand Canyon University: EAD-505

Discovering the relationship between the law and your school It is essential that educational administrators are knowledgeable of the legal structure challenging the issues in schools. In the United States of America, all school communities are governed by state and federal law. It is imperative that administrators are educated on law issues and legal decision-making as it pertains to their school, teachers, and students. Administrators encounter various issues on a day-to-day basis and it is important that they know the constitutional
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The administrator should develop, implement and evaluate the programs within the school and make adjustments as needed.
In addition, administrators are responsible for the organization and management of their school 's budget assigned to the school. Through a partnership with the Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM), the distribution of resources and monies are dispersed for the achievement of the campus goals and vision. Our school 's mission: Provide an environment that builds self-respect and self-discipline, through rigorous cross-curricular education, which will allow students the opportunity to reach their highest potential.
Teacher Policies
The administrator should have an open communication with all school personnel. Administrators must communicate regularly and meaningfully with all members of the school community. They provide this leadership skill by demonstrating the commitment to academic excellence. As the instructional leader of the school, an administrator will; collaborate, provide professional development, and offer instructional support to those in need. As mandated by the district and state, the instructional leader has a duty to evaluate the teacher 's instruction and performance. Evaluations should be unprejudiced and well documented specifying both strengths and weaknesses of the teacher. As the instructional leader,
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