Finding The Right Font Typeface

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Finding the Right Font Typeface
The art and science of typefaces is called typography, and its roots date back to the 15th century when a system of moveable type was first invented. This revolutionary concept spread throughout the world and gave way to the mass printing of materials. Even though typography has a rich history and plays a huge role in design, many still think that there isn’t much to fonts. However, utilizing the correct typeface is one of the most important aspects to graphic, print, and web design.
There are hundreds of typefaces out there, and in order to have an efficient design, being savvy with typography is a must. In order to be a successful designer, or to be effective at marketing your brand, one must realize that typography is more than just a choice of fonts, it’s a science. Typefaces can make or break your campaign or design piece, as it plays a vital role in how effective your text is at being persuasive with your message or objective. Remember, choosing the right typography can help deliver your message successfully by bridging the gaps between your text, graphics and objective. By not paying attention to your typeface, you risk losing your audiences interest and engagement, and will diminish the overall effectiveness of your message.
If you want to keep ahold of your audience’s attention and communicate more efficiently, check out these tips to learn the science behind typography that will help you bridge the gaps between your font, your
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