Finding The Teachers ' Perception About The Giftedness Early Childhood

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III. Methods 7 My goal is to discover the teachers’ perception about the giftedness in early childhood. I will conduct a qualitative study to comprehend how preservice early childhood education teachers identify giftedness in early years and how they construct their perceptions during their student teaching experience. Applying qualitative research will enable me to grasp array of perspectives and multiple interpretations of the individuals regarding the issue I am investigating (Glesne, 1999). Researcher Reflexivity Everything started when I realized my misconception about one of my students. Let’s start from the beginning of my short but eye opening teaching career. It was seven years ago, when I started working as a kindergarten teacher in a public elementary school in my country, Turkey. I had several internship experiences for four semesters in different settings such as in a kindergarten, a preschool, and a Montessori classroom during my bachelor degree, I finally had my own classroom that I can mold and educate my students based on my paradigms. Even without knowing the paradigms as much as I comprehend right now, by just knowing the eminent child development theorist and their theories, I always believed that every second of child’s life can be utilized as a teaching moment to help them to construct their knowledge. Therefore, most of the activities I created were coming from my students’ interest. Even though I had a little bit crowded classroom, in which I had
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