Finding Work After College Essay

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Most expect that by attending college and graduating they will be able to find a good paying career with benefits in a field that will interest them. It seems that from high school it is drilled into our heads that we must attend college to be successful in life and contribute to our society. However, college graduates often find themselves working in a field that is unrelated to their degree. This could be due to how many people are also trying to apply for jobs in that specific field, or it could be that that job does not provide them with enough money to live off. The most important thing that students really need to ask themselves before they attend college is, “is a college degree really enough in today’s world to get a good career and a well-paying job?”
The last thing that a college graduate expects is to be working at McDonalds and living with their parents. However, this seems to be happening more often in America. Employers are looking for reasons to not hire people straight out of college. Many studies have shown that employers find that college graduates have a hard time with critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and that they cannot write well (White, M.C. Nov 2013). Most of these skill should obviously be learned in high school and in college, so it would seem that the education that an individual or their parents spent so much money on is really worthless. America as a whole, is not teaching the up and coming generations the skills required to find…