Finding Your Calling Of Obedience

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Finding your calling in obedience I was born into my family as the middle child. I’m not the take charge, do it yourself, first born leader, like my oldest brother is: or the spontaneous, outgoing, nosy princess, like my older sister: and definitely not the outspoken, unashamed, baby of the family like my younger brother. No, I am the middle child. The mystery child. The one who is still trying to find my place in the world. When I was a kid, we would go on many last minute trips to various places, jam-packed in our tiny old ford station wagon as our means of transportation. The car was small, and had only 5 seats available: and with our family of 6, that left one of us to have to sit in the trunk. Which, you guessed it, was me. I would jump in the back of the trunk with minutes notice and zero knowledge of where we would be headed, or how long we would be gone. And since it was technically illegal to have a passenger ridding in the trunk of a car when the vehicle is moving, I would have to duck down with a partition thrown over my head so that the police wouldn’t notice me. Sometimes, when we would arrive at our destination I would hop out of the dark and isolated trunk to find myself at a friend’s house, or a beach, or even my favorite restaurant (if I was lucky), but that wasn’t always the case; Other times I would jump out to discover we were just running errands at the post office, or the bank, or maybe even going to the dentist for a much dreaded checkup that I so

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