Finding Zoe : An Amazing Book Essay

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Finding Zoe was an incredible book. To be able to view someone else’s journey and how it changes them, in this case for the better, is a powerful thing. That is exactly what occurs in this book. In Finding Zoe, the reader follows the story of Brandi Rarus, a young girl who lost her hearing at the age of 6 because of spinal meningitis, and how she copes with growing up with a foot in two different worlds. Later in the story, Brandi talks about Zoe journey from her original birthmother, Jess, to the home of Brandi and Tim. While reading this book, there were several things that stood out to me, one of which being how Brandi struggled so much as a child trying to be a part of the Deaf world and the hearing world, think that was what was expected of her instead of asking herself what she wanted. While not everyone experiences this struggle on such a large scale as Brandi did, many people, especially teens, can put themselves in that mind set of looking for themselves and trying to find who the person they want to be much as Rarus did later in life. She talks about the struggle to prove herself as being able to “stay hearing” was vital to her as a child. “I thought I was too smart for the deaf classes. I didn’t know that deaf kids who are only exposed to sign language and don’t use any speech whatsoever – like the kids in the class next door to me in elementary school – often read below grade level because their English isn’t honed” (22) She believed, at the time, reading at a

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