Finding a Job after College Graduation

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Overview 1 Basics Pointers Pitfalls OVERVIEW Who is this for and why is networking important? This guide to networking’s goal is to help undergraduate college students find jobs/internships through the power of networking. Many students simply post their resume online and think that that they’re talented enough to “be found” by recruiters. But it’s not true, according to industry recruiters nearly 70-80% of jobs and internships recruit from networking. If students aren’t networking they’re missing out on 70-80% of all internship opportunities available to them. People place such a heavy emphasis on networking because it’s hard to get to know a candidate’s personality in a few hours of very formal interviews. It is a lot easier to tell whether or not someone would fit in culturally in casual events. Networking, first and foremost, is highly dependent on the skills that you possess and is different for everyone. Some people are great at finding and creating instant connections with people in real life, if so, attend a social event where you can meet a lot of industry professionals. Others are great at researching and crafting highly relevant, highly interesting emails. It is all about your networking style. This manual is meant to give the reader a crash course as to how to network and the process of maintaining that relationship. Target Audience Undergraduate Students seeking Non-Technical Jobs BASICS
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