Essay on Finding and Developing Talent at Deloitte - a Case Study

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Finding and Developing Employee Talent at Deloitte – A Case Study

1. Using the descriptions of different behaviors, attitudes, and abilities that Deloitte seems to deem desirable in its applicants, describe the key personality characteristics that you think the company is seeking in its employees? Explain the reasoning behind your answer.

It appears that Deloitte is seeking applicants with an internal locus of control; those persons who look inward for motivation and believe that they control their own contribution, productivity and outcomes. Moreover, it is important to Deloitte that persons have high self-efficacy, which involves ones confidence in one’s own professional agility. Applicants who are self-starters with
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In terms of the characteristics of the target, it is difficult to say as the Teach First program surely brings many different kinds of applicants with varying backgrounds, styles of dress and personality types to the fore. However, just the philosophy behind the intentions and character of a person enlisting in the Teach First program; gaining acceptance and then matriculating beyond the program successfully lends itself to the manner in which an applicant might present oneself. This applicant is not inexperienced and fresh out of college with no notion of the working life. This applicant is confident in his/her abilities, has learned from mistakes and misjudgments through trial and error and, more than likely, is wiser than the average college graduate applicant approaching Deloitte for the first time. The characteristics of the situation already set the stage for success. For Deloitte, being a participant in the program is almost a self-fulfilling prophesy. Entering in to the interview, the perception is that the interaction will prove a positive one if for no other reason than the preconceived notions held by Deloitte about the Teach First applicants.

3. What attributions are prospective employers like Deloitte likely making regarding participants in the Teach First program? Why are employers making these attributions?

“’Teach First graduates demonstrate skills that often

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