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This research assignment proved to be one to remember. It took a lot more time than I initially thought it would take, but I managed to gain a great understanding an appreciation for these the electronic recourses. Before this assignment, I would use the internet as the sole source of gathering necessary information to incorporate in my paper, but now that I feel stronger about using other sources such as Google books and open library, I know that my papers will be more informative as well as more interesting. With the access to many primary sources I feel more confident that the information I gather will be precise and correct unlike some internet sources that sometimes tend to be misleading. With the combination of all these online…show more content…
I would make sure to incorporate a couple of British colonies, carfare not to leave out the main ones we have discussed in class such as Australia, Ireland and Canada. I would make sure to include what each colony had to offer to the mother country, go into detail of who discovered or conquered the land, when it was acquired, how it was acquired along with the advantages or disadvantages of having the territory, and why the British needed this land. These points would be important to mention, but with so much to say cautious to not lose track of my chosen commodity. As the story of Great Britain’s empire unfolds, I would make sure to give examples of how the British people left the mother country in search of gold in the colonies and even mention a lot of the propaganda that persuaded people to travel. Time would be spent on Australia during the mid 1700s when it was discovered, but most of my time would be spent on the gold rush of 1851-1852 where thousands of people migrated in pursue of gold. This research paper would be sure to include news paper articles talking about this migration and articles talking about how people responded to the gold rush. On a research paper five to seven pages in length, I would make sure to spend at least one or two pages discussing reasons for gold rush, the reaction of the people, some of the negative or positive affects it had on the mother country and give reasons how this event lead to a
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