Finding the Perfect Day Care

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A child needs as much love, compassion and companionship as possible. The earliest years of life are a period of incredible growth, Cognitively, Socially, and Physically and in order for a child to be properly shaped and developed, a healthy foundation must be made (Better For Babies). A child who is 8 weeks of age is at a very crucial and critical period of their life and many things have an affect on them, some more than others. When choosing a daycare center, there are many different theories to take into affect. John and Sue have a happy and healthy 8-week-old girl Tyree. Both parents must go back to work and, therefore, need a daycare that will properly fit the needs of their child. John and Sue have been on the hunt for a daycare,…show more content…
(Bukatko, 2008, p 22). Piaget had stages of Cognitive Development, Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete and Formal. • Tyree being 8 weeks old is in the sensorimotor stage. This is the first stage of cognitive development. The infant begins to interact with the world around them and become egocentric. Not because they are self-centered, but because they don’t understand the concept of existing among other things (website). Sensorimotor intelligence is considered to be a practical or lived knowledge (Piagts Theory of Cognitive Development) and is developed from birth to 2 years of age. • Daycare A provides a clean environment, with colorful toys and pictures. Tunnels for them to crawl in, and places for resting. This daycare will exercise all of Tyree’s sensory motor skills. Tyree will start looking around, reaching for things, sucking and grasping. With the appropriate toys that are found in Daycare A Tyree will be stimulated. The word Development means all of the physical and psychological changes a human being undergoes in a lifetime, from the moment of conception until death. It is a study of change (Bukatko, 2008, p 3). Developmental psychology is the study of human changes over time (p 4). • Cognitively at 8 weeks of age, Tyree will start to recognize certain voice and things will start to become familiar to her. Tyree will learn that if she cue’s or cries she will get attention, and that certain things have consequences. She will
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