Finding the Root of the Problem of School Violence Essay

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Finding the Root of the Problem of School Violence

After shootings at Jonesboro, Ark, Paducah, Ky, Springfield, Ore, Pearl, Miss, and Littleton, Co, serious questions arise such as has school violence risen, and, if so, what can we do to fix it. The truth is, school violence is on a rise, and it can be attributed to factors such as disinterest in learning, the total preservation of the civil rights of the students at all costs, and the lack of power the teachers and administrators have to punish misbehavior. Solutions such as forcing school uniforms, voluntary learning, and peer mediation take a long time to implement and an even longer time to see visible results, but they are necessary to ensure our future in America as
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Furthermore, larger schools mean less community involvement, which is where students first learn fundamental ethics and punishment. Putting kids in a prison-like educational environment will only lessen the education they receive. These so-called safety measures would not have stopped the tragic school shootings. A better way of ending all the violence is through community involvement. Reestablishing the family-student connection would presumable rekindle students’ interest in learning (Toby 3). Putting the parent, the most influential and basic teacher of a child, back into a kid’s life is a big step in the process of ending school violence. This way, the child can learn the basic rules of living that he or she cannot learn in a school. Hopefully, with the parent involved, the students would resist going to school less, and, in turn, would behave better.

The Japanese take the students desire to go to school even more seriously. Instead of forcing kids to attend classes up to a certain age as we do in America, Japanese students are given the option of going to school (6-7). A major problem with our school system is that large portions of students do not want to be students. Making high school voluntary will enormously increase the production of kids. It will allow those desirous of learning to not only learn with fewer distractions, but also help them learn even more information. Voluntary high schools will be able to raise standards and expectations,
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