Finding the Secrets of the World: Chirstoper Columbus

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From when he was a little by, Christopher Columbus always yearned to know the secrets of the world. His parents were Domenico and Susanna, who both came from families of weavers and wool carders. Christopher also had two brothers and one sister. Their names were Giacomo, Bartholomew, and Bianchinetta. Their whole family were devoted Catholics. Christopher’s family worshipped frequently at church, even though they were a hard-working family. The kids did not have proper education. They went to a guild school to learn the basics: arithmetic, reading, and writing. Columbus’s father went to sea to sell his cloth. Christopher was about fourteen when he started to assist his father on business trips. At this time, the world started to open up for Christopher. From when he first started to assist his dad, he took notes on how the sea changed colors and the patterns of the winds and currents. He soon became aware of the virtues and the risks of navigation. Christopher Columbus grew up to be a well-mannered young man. The experiences he had when sailing with his father and large convoys, made him a very skilled mariner. At every new place he was at, he took notes not only on navigation but climate as well. It was said that he had remarkable senses of sight, smell, and hearing. On one expedition he had taken, he stayed there for many months defending off Turkish attacks, off the islands of Chios. His ship was attacked a year after that voyage, by French pirates lying in wait. In

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