Finding the Solution to the Obesity Problem

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Crunch, Crunch, Crunch is what a person hears when people eat junk and other unhealthy foods. Every day, people are struggling with their weight which, as a result, can lead up to a serious disease. Diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, heart failures, and strokes can lead to death if people in America do not watch their weight. Obesity these days has spread over the years and more and more people seemed to be affected by it. A study shows that in 2009, 61% of American adults are obese while 20% of children between 3-5 years old are obese. (“Obesity”). The government has tried various methods to decrease that percentage; nonetheless, the percentage of obesity has still increased. Sadly, obesity today is consider a disease that needs treatment. The best solution to obesity is exercising. Exercising every day will help Americans stay in shape and lose weight little by little. If everyone in this country contributed to this solution, then the percentage of obesity will gradually decrease; making our country head to a healthy direction in the future.+ Many causes have affected today’s increase in obesity, such as food. Food has helped us survive and stay healthy when it is in our system, but eating too much can lead to obesity (“Genetics of Obesity”). Emotions can sometimes get the most of us, so when we feel depressed, angry, nervous, or happy, we stuff our faces with food. Fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King have captured Americans’ stomachs to
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