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After all data analyzing, we obtain the information of youngsters who are between the ages of 15 – 26 as below:

Personal Information :
The interviewees are including 50% of gentle and 50% of ladies for questionnaire and product test both. Most of them are about 15 – 17and 21 – 23 years old, so the education levels are mainly secondary and tertiary. Their occupations are chiefly student and clerk. The others include sales, professional, etc. And their incomes are majorly not more than $4000 or $8001 - $10000.

Chinese Herbal Food :
Nowadays, about one half of youngsters would eat Chinese herbal food. 70% of them would not buy Chinese herbal food more than 3 times per month since it is not a necessary food. The whole of youngsters
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It has large broad coverage and stronger impression. So that TV advertisement of herbal turtle gummy is successful for the target group of youngsters, about 60% of youngsters have known this new product and around 30% of them have bought before. They feel it is an originality product for the market. Besides, least 30% of youngsters would get the information from friends, family and branch. It is one of the media to spread the gummy. Youngsters are updated to trend by keeping close pace with advertisement and influenced by their friends or family members in certain extend.
However turtle gummy is a new product in the market, most of them would make buying decision due to curiousness thus. Some of them would buy the gummy base on friend's recommendations, as youngsters are affected by their contemporaries easily. Only a few youngsters would buy base on the avail, brand and needs, because youngsters cannot obtain enough information from fewer channel.
But around 40% of them still feel the advertisement lack of persuasion; they would not spend more money on the unnecessary goods, as they are not understand the avail and advantages absolutely of gummy. In order to draw their attention and propagandize the characteristic of gummy, Hoi Tin Tong should add some new elements into and retain the good one. For example, invite a star who to be their spokesman to promote the gummy can attract youngsters. Then, youngsters

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