Findmenow !: Case Study

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FindMeNow! has a variety of uses that can appeal to large group of consumers. However, after careful analysis, we’ve determined that the primary segment we have chosen who will receive the most value from our product: time-constrained students who want to streamline their shopping process. While urban families are a relatively large segment of the population, its growth rate is actually decreasing while the number of students continues to increase year over year ( Another factor that should be taken into account is that not all families necessarily utilize smartphones. In contrast, the usage rate of smartphones among students is close to 98% ( which allows a product like ours to be made widely accessible to our…show more content…
Our app’s competitive advantage is that we offer an efficient and time-saving way to shop. Instead of having to research products through various websites, flyers or magazines, users will be able to quickly type in the product they are looking for, compare information and reviews, then quickly navigate to their chosen product using our locator. We have designated this set of benefits as our competitive advantage based on several factors. Time is a valued commodity for many individuals and as such it is an important variable which is not currently offered by competitors. It is also superior; while individuals can find the same information through a variety of means, they cannot presently get it all through one application. Our benefits are also communicable. More than just hearing our claims, our users will notice the difference as soon as they begin using our application for shopping. In addition, our competitors will not easily be able to duplicate our application. We have carefully cultivated many relationships with retail companies to supply the data available to our consumers in order to provide them with the best service
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