Essay on Fine Arts Education Issues

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Fine Arts Education Issues According to the National Art Education Association’s goals for schools, “all elementary schools shall require students to complete a sequential program of art instruction that integrates the study of art production, aesthetics, art criticism, and art history,” (Clark, 1987). Elementary schools are having difficulty because they are cutting back on the fine arts programming and many non-specialist classroom teachers are expected to integrate the fine arts into their daily curriculum. Most of these teachers feel inadequate and uncomfortable when teaching these subjects. The children are receiving inadequate lessons in art education. All elementary schools should expand their curriculum to include the fine…show more content…
Will teachers have the money…more often than not, the answer is no,” (Reardon, 1995). When budget cuts are underway in school systems, the allotted amount of money for fine arts education is the first to be reduced. Fine arts education should be considered a core subject in elementary schools. All budgeting should be done so that all core areas receive an equal amount of money. Because the fine arts are given a lower status than the traditional core subjects, schools fail to hire licensed arts specialists. Schools then burden their classroom teachers by implementing poor quality arts programs into their daily routines to fulfill certain art expectations. This not only discourages and takes time away from classroom teachers, but also misrepresents the fine arts. Even when a fine arts specialist is hired, they often are pushed into trying to teach other areas of art than what they were hired for. In some cases, the requirements for becoming an arts specialist are so relaxed that many communities don’t believe that the fine arts should be taken very seriously. Luckily, national reports are pushing for higher standards to become a fine arts specialist. Impact on Students “It has been argued that the arts promote skills and abilities such as problem solving, teamwork, goal
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