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Fine Arts “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” (Pablo Picasso). Being educated in the arts is an important part of many people’s lives. Arts education is thought to be inferior to the core subjects, but they truly are not. Art of all forms is crucial to one's health, and is an underrated thing. Being educated in the arts is thought to provide physical benefits, emotional benefits, and is even thought to help make students smarter. There are many health benefits that are caused by being involved in the arts. When you are in the fine arts, depending on what branch you are in is what determines the actual benefits. As you create your works, you can actually improve your motor skills. When children are developing,…show more content…
The art form music is closely related to mathematics, a particularly grueling subject to many students. However, students who participated in music classes have increased test scores in math. Counting in music is essential as in math, because students need to count rests and beats (AASA). Music students do activities that engages parts of their brains that core subjects do not. Students do warm up exercises where they both sing and use hand gestures that engages both sides of their brains. Groups of students went on a field trip to a museum of art and they were tested on what they remembered a few weeks later. Students not only remembered basic facts, but they also provided facts that the museum curators did not have in their introductions (co.create). This means that students asked questions about the paintings and remembered the answers weeks later, unlike many of the things they learn for tests (co.create). Being educated or generally involved in art has a great impact on the human brain, and can help make many students smarter. People use art in its many different forms for all sorts of reasons. It can provide physical benefits, emotional benefits, and can even make children smarter. But however one uses it, one can assume that it is always important. Art is never to be taken for granted, because the world would be a much darker place without
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