Fine Arts Should Be School Sponsored

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Fine arts should be school sponsored and implemented in the school curriculum. First of all it has tremendous academic benefits. Studies done at the University of California Irvine, or UCI, show when children and teens are exposed to music, preferably classical music (which is a common theme among school bands), they tend to have better memories and they are able to retain information better than students who aren’t exposed to music. Chris Brewer, founder of Lifesounds Educational Services, says that music also helps with focus and attitude, both in school and out. Music, however, isn’t the only art that promotes academic achievement. Choosing to be a part of or even being exposed to the opportunity of arts such as theater, vocal and instrumental music, painting, sculpting, and foreign languages have all been linked to boosts in reading and math classes, critical thinking, and verbal skills. According to the Rand Cooperation for the Visual Arts, fine arts also go hand in hand with social skills such as forming social bonds, teamwork, confidence, and concentration.
Looking through the AEP State Policy Database it is confirmed that forty-seven states have art education mandates. Forty-eight states include art education standards, and forty states require arts credits and have arts requirements for students to graduate from high school. In these states the schools are reaping the benefits. Studies done by the state of Georgia have come back with amazing results for the…
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