Fine Dining Steps Of Service

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Fine Dining Steps of Service Fine Dining is an experience that is unique in itself. The server makes each guest feel like they are special and the quality of service received reflects just that. Each step of service not only makes the guest feel welcome and appreciated, but also contributes to the entire experience. Without one element of this process going as expected, it can throw off the entire experience and turn a good one into a disaster. To have a good dining experience, a server must provide the following step of service to a guest: the meet and greet, taking the orders, the delivery of the meal, checking back, clearing of the table, dessert/coffee/tea, and delivery of the check. The first and most important step of service is the meet and greet. This is the server’s first impression and can set the mood for the remainder of the guest dining experience. The server must always approach the table with warm welcoming smile, say hello, and introduce him/herself by name. Remember this smile needs to be genuine. The server should ask how the guests are doing and be sincere about it. If the introduction includes a first name, the guests can actually make a personal connection to the server. Servers who smile and use a name become more important to the guests and whom are more likely to return to the restaurant asking for those servers by name. Guests need for the first impression to be a good experience to set the mood for the rest of the dining
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