Fineness And Violence In The Workplace

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Workplace coarseness and violence are growing challenges for human resource development (HRD) professionals. The occurrence of violent behavior at work. The frequency, intensity, and duration of coarse behavior should be a concern to leaders in any organization. All too often seemingly isolated and incidents like, instigating a joke can lead to patterns of coarse behavior and it leads to bullying and even physical violence. Many researchers have noted numerous detrimental outcomes of workplace coarseness and violence. A coarse work environment may lead to poor employee health, low job satisfaction, low organizational productivity and commitment, high employee turnover, and poor application of learning at work. Each is a form of aggressive behavior. In as much as coarse behavior is linked to poor individual for e.g. job performance and organizational-level outcomes, human resource development (HRD) is increasingly being called to implement useful strategies for dealing effectively with this vital workplace issue.

Key Words: Coarseness, Job Satisfaction, Employee Turnover

At work, coarseness can manifest in three major ways. First, coarseness can be interpersonal in nature, where one person is directly coarse toward another person. In the above example, your supervisor neglecting to thank you for holding the door is an example of interpersonal coarseness (whether or not she actually intended

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