Fingerprint Attendance System: Minutehound

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If you are like most business owners, you are tired of employees clocking in for other employees. Time theft costs your business thousands of dollars each year, and why should you pay for hours that your employees were not on the clock? The problem with the obsolete time card is that there is no security with them. Using the fingerprint attendance system, you will have a solution that lets you place your finger on the scanner and record your time. The advantage of the fingerprint attendance system from MinuteHound is that they never keep this personal information on file. The system operates using the cloud, and it is 100 percent paperless and green. That means that the fingerprint attendance system does not use pin codes, passwords or cards that have to be remembered. What is it that makes MinuteHound such a unique system. The fact that MinuteHound uses fingerprint attendance means that time theft becomes a thing of the past. Because no in the world has the same fingerprint, everyone will have a fingerprint that is special to them, and they cannot have fellow coworkers clocking in for them. …show more content…

The great thing about MinuteHound is how it integrates everything into a single place. You can track everything much easier through this fingerprint attendance technology that keeps everything on track. One of the best things that most business owners look forward to is that they can throw out their outdated time card, and they do not have to keep track of the time themselves, which increases productivity levels in the

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