Fingerprint Identification : A Reliable Method Of Automatic Identification

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Iris recognition has become the most reliable method of automatic identification. The growing use of this biometric method is based on the visible complex structure of the iris. Traditional methods of automatic identification rely on special possessions such as cards and passports or secrets like passwords and PIN numbers. The disadvantage of these methods is that they can be separated from the person. Examples of biometrics include iris, retina, voice patterns, face recognition, fingerprints as these methods use something that is very complex in their anatomy, something visual about them or can be obtained in real time. Efficient recognition systems can be built because of the variability amongst every individual’s iris pattern. This paper explains the iris recognition process with the implementation of Daugman’s original algorithms.
Keywords—Iris Recognition, Daugman’s Algorithm, Biometric Method, Automatic Identification
I. INTRODUCTION The reliability of iris identification is influenced by the anatomy of the eye. The eye contains the cornea, pupil, lens, iris and the retina. As light enters the lens through the pupil, the iris regulates incoming light while the pupil dilates or constricts depending on the light levels. Although pigmentation within the iris may slightly vary, the pattern remains stable throughout a person’s lifespan. The [2] iris is a multi-layered structure that contains epigenetic features; contraction furrows, crypts, freckles and coronas. A high
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