Fingerprint Patterns And Genetic Identification

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How many times have you heard, you look just like your brother or sister? Have you ever wondered why people tell you that you look like your mother and father when they were your age? Many related people appear to have several similar physical traits because they inherit half of their parents’ DNA, the genetic plan. What about fingerprint patterns? Are they inherited traits too? Fingerprints are used to identify Homo sapiens because each person has a unique fingerprint detail but has similar patterns. While doing this project, we will determine if fingerprint patterns are genetically inherited or randomly created. These different fingerprint patterns will be examined through both a magnifying glass and a microscope that will be compared and contrast with other fingerprints to figure out whether or not they relate to one another. Keywords: related, physical traits, inherit, DNA, fingerprint patterns, Homo sapiens, genetically, microscope, compare, genetic plan

Genetic Fingerprint Patterns Several people have many physical traits which are inherited from their parents, but can fingerprint patterns also be inherited from parents? For this experiment, it requires voluntary participation from participants willing to contribute by allowing their fingerprints to be examined (Science Buddies Staff, 2014). The purpose of this is to assist the data and observations of fingerprint patterns to see if the patterns are inherited or not. We will be examining each
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