Essay on Fingerprint and Crime Scene

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Running Head: Unit 9 Final Essay Exam

Unit 9 Final Essay Exam
Rhonda Forbes
Kaplan University

CJ328-01 Forensic Fingerprint Analysis
Professor Jean V. Gardner, MS, CSCSA
May 24, 2011
One of the most important purposes of physical evidence is to establish the identity of a suspect or victim. Some of the most valuable clues at a crime scene are fingerprints. "Processing a crime scene" is a long, tedious process that involves focused documentation of the conditions at the scene and the collection of any physical evidence that could possibly shed light on what happened and point to who did it.
Before the collection process, the items must be marked, photographed and documented. There are many different types of techniques used
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Casing by the glass store entry door 5. Six pack of cold beer on the floor near the beer cooler 6. Spilled cigar box of cash on the floor next to the deceased 7. Fresh cigarette butt only half smoked outside the store in the parking lot

Any moist or wet biological evidence (blood, body fluids, plants, etc.) like the lottery ticket on the counter with the blood smeared print on it should be collected wearing gloves it should then be placed in a clean unused paper container such an envelope, and or small bag and transported back to an evidence receiving area, it should then be taken out of the bag and allowed to air dry thoroughly. The Ninhydrin process should be applied to this piece of evidence to obtain noticeable prints.
The black 9mm semi-automatic gun should be safe before rendering to the laboratory for fingerprints and tool marks. I would not attempt to recovery any prints at the scene from this weapon. It should be unloaded and packaged in a paper bag or cardboard box. It would be much safer in a cardboard box, transported to the laboratory and should then be placed in a Cyvac for Super Glue Fuming, to be processed for fingerprints.
Both packs of cigarettes the pack that was removed from the carton and the ripped open pack on the floor of the counter should be packaged separately in paper containers to avoid any cross contamination. I would probably Super Glue the cellophane plastic and use the Ninhydrin process on

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