Finishing My Education Debt Free

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Finishing My Education Debt Free (An analysis of the financial obstacles I will encounter in college and how I will overcome them) College. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as an institution offering instruction usually in a professional, vocational, or technical field, but if you ask most of the students who are attending a college right now, they may define it as a four to eight year money-sucking hole. College is one of the most expensive, and most important, things that you will ever put your money into. The average cost of a four year degree is ten to twenty thousand dollars. Schooling beyond those four years can be as expensive as up to thirty thousand dollars a year, based on the kind of degree you are working for. This is…show more content…
The first and most important way that I am going to approach college without finishing with an enormous amount of debt is earning scholarships. I have been constantly applying for every scholarship that is available. I am a part of many different websites that alert me on what scholarships are available in my area. All of the scholarships that I win will hopefully earn me enough money to at least cover my tuition, and hopefully my room and board. I am applying for scholarships that have to do with music, theatre, and my academics. I will have to accomplish many things throughout college to maintain these scholarships, but it will all be worth it when I am able to accomplish my schooling without any major debts. Working through school is the next way that I am going to earn money so that I can finish my schooling without an enormous pile of debt. I will work a job or possibly even two jobs to help pay my personal expenses and my transportation expenses. Hopefully, I will receive enough scholarships that I won’t have to work more than one job to keep up with my expenses. The job, or jobs, that I do work will have to be flexible to work around my class and extra-curricular activities. I hope to get a job that has some type of benefit so that I can also have any of those benefits,
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