Finland, South Korea, And Singapore

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Finland, South Korea, and Singapore have built very strong educational systems since the late 1970s when America was at the top as an educational leader. Finland that once was at the bottom of the educational latter is now ranking at the top on PISA assessments in math, science, and reading. Over 50% of finish adults have completed a higher education program and the government covers 98% of the costs for these adults to go to college. Finland seems to of found a way of giving all students an equal education and providing a smaller gap between students test scores on standardized testing. This even takes into account students that are emigrating from other areas in many of these areas do not speak the language in Finland. Also the students are still being able to be reached and achieving great strides according to standardized tests. Finland is only going up as far as educational goals go and test scores. Despite the number of immigrants that have been recently coming to the area. Finland attributes a lot of their success to highly educated teachers, which the government pays for their education. Finland also educates their teachers in a thinking curriculum for all their students. School systems also give teachers the opportunity to teach what they need to teach, they are not worried about tangible evidence to show the public. Most of the tests that the students go through are to evaluate higher order thinking and performance skills. This is the opposite direction

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