Finn Aislinn: A Fictional Narrative

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Finn Aislinn walked out of her room to see her red-headed best friend frantically packing. “What are you doing?” She asked in a monotone voice. “I thought that we agreed that no good can come from us going back.” She yawned. “Look, I get it, Ryker's gonna be there, Gabriel's gonna be there, you want to avoid them. As your best friend I find that it is my job to help ease you out of your comfort zone.” He shoved some of his clothes in his backpack. “But just think, Greer's gonna be there, we like Greer.” He zipped up the bag and threw it with his suitcase. “We like Henry and Georgia.” He made his way over to her. “You have been doing better, it's time to go back.” Aiden and Finn had lived together their entire lives. Whether it was the facility
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