Finn Schools Case Study

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Legal requirements and restrictions Finnish Schools Internationals must follow in entering a new market, Canada.

All institutions are strictly required to register with Ministry of Education in Canada and submit their statistical reports yearly. According to the Policy and Procedure Manual for the Private Schools in Canada, the NOI, Notice of Intention to Operate a Private school assigns the Canadian Ministry’s prerequisite regarding the attributes of the private institutions in Canada. They gather data and statistics which includes the name of the institution head, the address, hours of instruction and estimated student's enrollment. The manual also states that all private schools are obligated to submit this form by the 1st of September
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With a bank draft, when a person requests one, they must immediately transfer the forms from their normal account to cover the amount of the check. As an institution receiving the draft, the most important factor is to speak to the local bank or financial institution about the currencies in which the Finnish Schools International in Montreal can obtain a bank draft and the countries to which the institution can send it to in case of refunds to the parents. The only con to bank drafts is the slow arrival of funds. For the institution to receive money a lot quicker, there are many transfer services which allows to make bank transfers which can be received by the Finnish Schools International’s bank account in Canada. The name of a few of the transfer services are HiFx, World Remit, Transfer Wise, World First, and QFX.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency website, the parents making the investment in Canadian private schools should be aware of the family tax benefits that are available to through the federal and provincial government.
Federal Tax Benefits:
Canada Child Tax Benefit- Tax- free monthly payments may be supplemented by provincial or territorial child benefit payments and may be enhanced by the Canada Child Benefit for families with children guaranteeing continued support. This benefit is not automatic and must be applied for.
At the Finnish Schools in Canada, we will ensure that we solely emphasize on well-qualified teachers and
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