Finnish Mobile Marketing Company: MadBrokers

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Even though the profit comes from successful contracts with our key partners, we also need to have good relationships with our software provider and we should look at a few office labour hire companies to get in contact with to recruit the coder and designer to our company.

2.7.1 Networking
2.8 Corporate Social Responsibility
MadBrokers is an IT-company, so we do not exactly have any pollution from our production, since everything is coded and done on computer. However, to our stakeholders that emphasise environmental values, we can with our own actions show that we appreciate the environment too even if it is not related to our business. Some examples could be that our office would be decorated in eco-friendly materials or that we select restaurants that use local production or gyms that, for example have outdoor classes.

The biggest point we want to emphasise is that MadBrokers is a Finnish mobile marketing company that wants to support small to medium-sized businesses in Finland by offering them a way to improve their visibility online and get a whole set of new potential customers that might have not found our partner company on their own.

2.8.1 Stakeholders
This is quite a narrow mapping of our stakeholders, since we don’t actually have a new established company. Our primary…
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