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FINS1612 CAPITAL MARKETS & INSTITUTIONS SEMESTER 1 2009 COURSE NOTES Version 1.0.1 (15th June 2009) Contents Contents Page 3: Introduction to the Financial System Page 7: Commercial Banks Page 12: The Share Market and the Corporation Page 15: Corporations Issuing Equity into the Share Market Page 19: Investors in the Share Market Page 24: Short-term Debt Page 28: Medium- to Long-term Debt Page 32: Interest Rate Determination and Forecasting Page 37: The Foreign Exchange Market Page 40: Factors that Influence the Exchange Rate Page 42: Futures Contracts and Forward Rate Agreements Page 47: Options Capital Markets & Institutions – Course Notes – Semester 1 2009 2 Introduction to the Financial…show more content…
• • • • Financial Instruments A financial asset is something which is defined as an entitlement of future cash flows. However, a financial instrument is a broader term used to describe financial assets and other assets in which there are no organised secondary markets to trade them. However, a financial security is something that can be traded in a secondary market. Attributes of Financial Assets Financial assets are those that: • • • • Have a return of yield expressed in terms of percentage. Have risk in which there is probability the actual return will differ from the expected return. Are liquid in that they can be sold at current market prices with reasonable transaction costs. Are expected to have a set time-pattern of cash flows in or out. Capital Markets & Institutions – Course Notes – Semester 1 2009 4 Introduction to the Financial System Financial Instruments Financial instruments can be: • Equity This is usually through the selling of common shares and/or common stock. It gives the buyer some ownership of the firm and thus, voting power when it comes to electing the board of directors. Debt This is money that is borrowed from someone else. Debt must be repaid at set intervals. Debt can be divided into short and long-term debt. This should follow the matching principle where short-term assets should be funded with short-term debt.

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